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    2008 Wrx EJ20y swap tune

    looking for someon to tune my 2008 subaru wrx with ej2oy jdm swap usdm ecu
  2. 2004 mustang gt

    Here is the tune I have in it right now its a 2004 mustang Gt 4.6 turbo has a 76 mm turbo professional products manifold elbow and throttle body 42lb inectors and 8 psi wastegate spring it runs and...
  3. Even some ideas on adjusting fuel and spark would...

    Even some ideas on adjusting fuel and spark would help I tuned it my self for the injectors it runs just want to get a rough tuning for fuel as the boost comes
  4. Looking for email Tune 2004 Mustang gt turbo

    Looking for someone that can send me a tune for my mustang 2004 mustang gt turbo 8psi wastegate spring 42lb injectors
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