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  1. 15 Dodge 5.7 - cant get wot 100%, varies from 50-70%

    Just finished tuning a 2015 Charger 5.7L / A8 speed.

    Compcams 270 camshaft
    JBA headers shorty
    Edelbrock intake manifold
    Bigger throttle body (Customer had it on the car when it came in not sure...
  2. Charger 57 - surging idle with 264 mild compcam. file attached

    Ive tuned alot of dodge hemi 57/61/64 with minimal issues.
    bone stock car (stock air intake, cats exhaust etc). it got mds delete lifters installed with a mild 264 compcam. doesnt even lope at...
  3. Who has the most credits? Record holder at 1556?

    I just submitted a ticket to put two of my MPVI boxes and one MPVI2 over to my newest MPVI2 box.

    Just added it up and im at 1556 after 15 years of daily use. Geez! $75k invested so far at my shop.
  4. Change OS on 12 Sierra, now says unlicensed vehicle

    I reflashed a 12 sierra ive already been tuning to a different OS from another truck so i could enable flex fuel sensor. I have unlimited 99-15 gm trucks/cars. (over 1000 credits between all my...
  5. Anyone have a 2 or 3 bar / hellcat injector 2011+ VVT base file? Procharger issue

    Im running into an issue on a 2015 charger 5.7 rt with procharger base calibration.

    Ive tried it with both map sensors and adjusted it for both a 2-bar and 3-bar map sensor

    and hellcat...
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    Credits show out of stock cant buy more

    trying to add credits and they all show out of stock at moment. argh.
  7. 40%? Youve got the wires backwards or off a pin....

    40%? Youve got the wires backwards or off a pin. I believe. I think i saw that exact thing 40% once when I put pin into ECU and was one pin off.
  8. 14 srt8 6.4 where to adjust idle air fuel and full throttle air fuel (running rich)

    after a cam upgrade and long tube headers. the fuel trims are negative 25 percent, throwing code for running rich on the o2's.

    I want to adjust out 20-25 percent fuel at idle and part throttle to...
  9. Thread: nevermind

    by AidanN20


  10. sending file to coming back undeliverable

    Emailing a 2013 cadillac ctsv file because says not supported yet and emailed from two different email addresses to and comes back undeliverable?
  11. Cannot read stock file in 2011 LML Dmax? Tuneable?

    I attempted to read the file out of a 2011 Denali Dmax LML and it gives me "security authorization" error and will not pull the file.

    The truck is bone stock and has never had a programmer in it,...
  12. 2011 6l80e transmission wont make shift WOT, Tune attached, Silverado 5.3l, changes?

    Ive got a 2011 silverado 5.3L that I put a procharger on (dynos about 400 rwhp).

    I haven't changed any transmission settings and after the dyno tune, it immediately wouldnt make the shift at...
  13. MAF reads 65lb min maxed out @ 4k rpm, but MAF HZ only up to 10k??

    I am trying to tune a procharged 5.3l 2011 truck.

    Its a bone stock truck with just a procharger p1sc kit.

    When I log the dyno run, the scanner shows the MAF lb/min gets to 65 lbmin and maxs out...
  14. Procharger on 11' Silverado, wont add fuel through MAF or PE table,

    I just got a beta update for support for 2011 Silverado 5.3L (Flex fuel, VVT/DOD 5.3L).

    Installed a LS9 camshaft (Deleted VVT etc) with no problem. Truck runs great with no codes etc.

    Bolted on...
  15. How to change MAP settings on E38 08 Silverado to read 2/2.5 or 3 bar map?

    My 08 Silverado E38 file will not allow upgrade to speed density etc. Anyone know how to fix?
  16. ttttttttt

  17. How to get 2/3 bar E38 07 Silverado. Says not available, how to? what tables to tune

    I am tuning a 2007 New body style silverado with twin turbos on it. In the OS / VCM enhancements it shows not available for any upgrades (no 2 / 3 bar MAP - speed density).

    I dont know what ECM...
  18. 2-bar / speed density for 08 6.0 Vortec Max truck?

    Finishing twin turbo setup on 08 6.0L Vortec Max, is there a patch / upgrade and 2-bar map sensor that works with its PCM?
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    I will be patiently as possible waiting for it. ...

    I will be patiently as possible waiting for it. Got a car in here with cam/headers etc already and cant tune it. I assumed the car was a 2010 and didnt ask the owner if it was a 2011 (apparently he...
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    2011 Camaro Tuning?

    I need the ability to tune a 2011 Camaro I just finished modifications to. HPTuners had me send them the file then said not available. Crap!
  21. 3-bar Speed Density, MAP wont read past 105kpa on scanner

    map sensor problem fixed.
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    I need this beta for 2010 camaros please.

    I need this beta for 2010 camaros please.
  23. F1 Procharged, LSx 427" motor, horrible transition lean stumble

    I have a constant issue I cannot tune out of this setup.

    I'm tuning on a 72 chevy truck with a LSx blocked 427" motor 6-bolt /w Trickflow 235cc heads, 238/252 blower cam, Carb intake /w elbow &...
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    BBA: Your tune was very good. I tried it versus...

    BBA: Your tune was very good. I tried it versus my 07 TBSS dyno tuned and the difference was very minimal with only a couple small tweaks to fine tune my air/fuel (every truck is slightly different,...
  25. Cant tune GM Performance LS2 pcm with hptuners?

    I am trying to tune an ls2 swap using the GM Performance wiring harness/computer in a 69 camaro and hptuners wont tune it. How do I get the beta or whatever there is to fix this?

    I took the car to...
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