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    0411 onto 1998 454 with 1998 4L80

    Hey guys been doing alot of research on this engine we are swapping into our winnebago.

    So the motor is out of a 1998 chev 3500 454 vortec with a 4l80

    My question is to swap the 0411 ecu along...
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    Im doing the same kind of build on my 454...

    Im doing the same kind of build on my 454 winnebago.

    i see you had to make a reluctor plate for the balancer, were you able to use the cam reluctor or did you use something in the distributor...
  3. 8.1 with Allison trans running anyone played with this setup ?

    Curious I?m looking at putting in a 8.1 setup with the Alison 5spd into my parents RV to replace the carb 454 and th400!

    Curious if the hp tunner can do everything I can do on a LS motor ?
  4. Old Chevy inline 6 install questions 4.3 or 5.3 wiring

    I want to do a install on my 250 Chevy inline 6

    I want individual fuel injectors and individual coil packs.

    Would i be better to do the 4.3 or the 5.3 wiring harness and ecu ?
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    Email tune for LNF Can anyone help me !

    Hey guys not sure if this is the place . I dont do tunning no more as i dont have the time.

    I have customers with the HHR SS and the COBALT SS and they are looking for email tunes as the nearest...
  6. Anyone do email tunes for 01 GT have a customer

    Have a customer with a 01 GT with IHE and would like a email tune. If anyone can recommend something let me know .
  7. Installed 2.24 now suit will not load up !!

    Installed 2.24 and now when i go to the VCM icon it ask me to repair modify or remove. i have the latest framework updated. I try to do VCM scanner and i get CLR error 80004005 ?

  8. 6.0 LQ9 tune anyone have one other then stock with a few mods

    Hey guys looking for a LQ9 tune for my buddies escalade has the basic bolt ons for now. Intake Headers and exhaust. Is looking for a slight tune to run on 87 octane. Anyone have one i could try and...
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    Issues starting up VCM Suite 2.24

    Hey guys new to HPtuners

    I downloaded vcm suite 2.24 and i have the frameworks downloaded. When i click on vcm or the scanner i keep getting

    CLR error: 80004005
    the program will now terminate...
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    I did that and I get is stock tunes. Maybe in...

    I did that and I get is stock tunes. Maybe in doing something wrong ?
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    LQ9 with IHE tune anyone have one ?

    Hey guys i bought HP tunner while ago for me and a buddy. He is coming home tomorrow from deployment for a week and there is no one realy around to tune. I have not real explored HPTUNER yet all my...
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    Credit question before i buy

    I have the following
    57 belair with a 5.3 and the ecu is out of a 2000 silverado tune boost
    2000 silverado with 5.3 boost
    2006 escalade just a tune for mild cam and header

    so here is what i...
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