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  1. Dodge Neon SRT4 won't connect to editor or scanner

    Hello, I am needing some help in connecting my hp tuners to a friends srt-4 in order to tune it. Everything works when I connect to any of my gm cars so there is no probleme with the cable. I have...
  2. 😢I find Rtt much easier and convenient to really...

    😢I find Rtt much easier and convenient to really fine tune afr
  3. 99 corvette need 3 bar RTT OS

    Hello, I the 3 bar RTT OS is not available to me. I am only getting 4 options which are speed density RTT, 2 bar, 3 bar, and SD&maff RTT. The 2 and 3 bar do not have the RTT which is what I am...
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