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    2010 SS M6 Fast Idle after SC install

    Finished getting my Camaro back together. Had a P2176 on initial start up got that sorted - idle was fine. Then had fast idle issues. I thought that my ported throttle body might be the cause. I...
  2. I see so that is why it said brickable because...

    I see so that is why it said brickable because now it has a ZL1 FPCM in it. I have a DSX aux fuel pump in the car so it looks like I will need to use 1 more credit and get the basic ZL1 FPCM file...
  3. Why do two controllers show when tune read?

    When I first arrived in the UK I took my 2010 SS to a local shop where their tune guy had LS experience. I asked them to look at the tune since I was now at sea level and they use 94 octane fuel.
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