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  1. *! typo

  2. thank you?

    thank you?
  3. Need stock file for a ram with an 8hp70 w/a 3.92 rear from factory

    Hello all. I need a stock file (wish there was a sticky where we can all post our stock files for others to reference). Im tuning my trans and im having over rev issues. Im thinking its...
  4. stock tb, injector data right from dw, yes i have...

    stock tb, injector data right from dw, yes i have a wb idk why this one log it didnt record. its lean under pe because there is no pressure, if it went into boost it would richen up. Ive had...
  5. 16 Ram 5.7 FI- ETC drops to 20% at WOT

    Hello everyone, so here is my issue. Dont mind the ve tables lol, I just started the tune and found an issue, I have thrown the kitchen sink at this and Im still scratching my head. Its probably...
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