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Thread: 2014 ram idle cam swap issues

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    2014 ram idle cam swap issues

    hi, I have a 2014 ram with the 5.7 hemi and it had cam and lifter failure. I replaced cam with mds cam replacement with non mds lifters. I have mds turned off. after replacing it I have been fighting a cylinder 6 misfire only code is p0306. It idled rough and would die when coming to a stop. I have checked ,swapped and replaced spark plugs, coils, injectors and have replaced the pcm and vvt and cam sensor the map sensor and throttle body as well. I checked for vaccum leaks and non were found. compression test was good it was 180 along with the rest of the cylinders on that bank. Pushrods were not bent and were fully seated in the lifer and no bent valves or broken springs. i took it back apart to check lifter and they are in good shape not collapsed and looks like the have oil going to them along with the cam that looks good as well. I dont know what else to check and any ideas on where to look next would be a big help.

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    Valve seats or valve stem seals, exhaust leaks or head gasket and or combination of improper torque sequencing. Don?t forget to check the resistance to your injectors and coils and make sure they have proper timed sequencing signals, power and voltage then move on to check your crank sensor/wiring and did you perform the cam crank relearn process correctly.

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    its obviously sealed up it has compression what about the phaser and the control valve? was it replaced?

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    make sure your push rod is on the lifter in 6. it's very easy for them not to be on a liter and press off the block. pop valve covers off, bar the engine over by hand. look for a rocker that is not moving
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    Checking to make sure that the pushrod on the lifter is a good suggestion. But it might even be more of a possibility that the other end of the pushrod may not be fully seated in the cup of the rocker arm also. It's easy to think you've got the pushrod in the rocker arm's cup but have actually just missed it and the pushrod could just be resting there and causing your valve in number 6 to not be opening and closing, causing a misfire. That being said, you really need to post at least a log with a little idling and a short drive where it shuts off like you're saying. I don't know that one cylinder misfiring would be enough to cause your truck to shut off on its own so it would probably better your odds for getting this issue sorted out if we were able to see the whole picture through a log, and even better yet, both your log and current loaded tune. And while I'm not proud to admit it, I've had to work through quite a few instances where my Ram was seeing misfires, stalls, rough idles, ect. You name it and odds are, I've seen it and had to sort through it already myself. Lol
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