Hello, i recently rebuilt my 5r110 with an alto g3 kit from tcs, as well as input and intermediate shafts and a new converter. Im getting what i would call a delay or a slow shift from 1-2 and from 2-3 under light throttle. At medium throttle input it seems to be a non issue. Im brand new to tuning so im not sure exhaust what m doing, but to me i think this would be something to change in the clutch fill time? Now under shift properties - Ramp- clutch fill time, is this value the actual time require for the fluid to fill the pistons to fill and clutch to apply or is this the requested time? I've also turned off all adaptive and torque based shift scheduling or at least so I think.
Feel free to take a look at my tune and give suggestions, like i said im new to it so ive just been changing things very gradually.6.0 tune 15 03-16-2023.hpt