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Thread: Max performance tuning a 3.5 EB between E-85 and 93 differences

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    Perna00 your my inspiration in my own attempts at a flex fuel tune. I?m having a heck of a time with the logging. Seems most parameters aren?t supported so it?s a slow process. I?ve just enabled the flex fuel and adjusted every table I could find pertaining to the flex logic. The truck is running fine. Feels a little lower on power but that could just be in my head. I?m at around e40 to 45 right now and logging to see if the stock fuel system can handle that and if the flex tables are working. So far I see no issues and feel no hesitation. My spark retard hit negative 5 on one run but never repeated. That was shortly after a fill up. In any event I can?t help you much but thought posting your shared information has been helpful to me might keep you going.

    Only thing bothering me is the flex tables kind of lack definition. A few are like zeros then jump to 100. I might go back and add some definition to those tables for a more zeroed in calibration.

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    I’m glad I was able to help! I did check out quite a few tables and they do go from 0-100 but that is across the 0-100 ethanol charts so it is actually sloping the angle to calibrate it properly. Just watch your numbers at wot if you are running E40-E50 and don’t be surprised if you start to run lean on colder days with the stock system. I still have to finalize my borderline/MBT spark tables but was able to gain 5? on all borderline as a base and made a pretty substantial gain across all rpm’s. I still have to fine tune it but honestly, I’m between 600-650 torque which is about to the limit on a non-HO engine so I haven’t decided if I want to ask for any more yet as it might effect longevity.

    Just as a side note, it might have been a freak occurrence but a few times I filled my tank up without turning the truck off it stayed in open loop afterwards. Im not sure if it affects everyone that enables it but just something to look out for. Since I shit the truck off, I’ve never had it repeat the issue again.

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    Hahahaha! I?m at about 520 right now. Was afraid to go higher. I?ve modded the DD tables a little here and there. Problem I have now is I?m spiking boost around 30psi. That?s with the negative 14.7 for atmosphere. I?m thinking it?s a little high.

    I need to get my logging parameters set so I can do better data logs.

    Getting around 600 or so would be amazing. Just not sure I can do it with all stock parts. For now I need to dial in where I?m at. Lower boost. Etc.

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    I?m checking. My LTFT did not register last log. Wondering if they will now. I did turn it off before fill up though. Maybe I need to write entire??

    I dunno. I?m checking though.

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    It’s definitely doable. My boost is around 21 pounds of boost right now, but I also upgraded my intercooler to combat how hot the boost level gets for our truck’s turbos.

    It sounds like your truck is doing the same thing mine did with the data. It erased my fuel trims as well as not going into closed loop to read off the O2 sensors properly.

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    Have you needed to make any changes to your torque and inverse tables yet? If so may I ask how you came up with the changes you needed to make?

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    I had to change most driver demand torque tables or else I would have been limited by stock torque restrictions. When I started the modifications, quite a few tables had to be adjusted from airflow limits, torque limits, timing limits, intercooler volume, and many other restrictions in regards to the engine and IPC system checks. If these are all new for you, try to look up a book from the tuning school for the 3.5 ecoboost and it does a great job of explaining everything and giving you a step by step process for starting to modify the vehicle. You can learn advanced tuning from research and other members but most will not entertain your questions unless they feel you have done your research and took the time to learn basics on your own. Sort of like how you won’t find an astrophysics professor talking to cows in a field! LOL

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    Fair enough. I've read a few books and thats what has gotten me this far. I will continue reading. Currently I have changed a ton of things and continue to tweak. No issues up to this point. Perhaps I should just slow down from my current pace and do more reading. It's actually a pretty well thought out system. I just don't have a grasp of all of it right now. I'm trying to change as little as possible. Small changes here and there. Just looks to me that if I up the driver demand tables anymore I will need to start adjusting other tables. Figured I would ask to see if there was a parameter to log or some such to give me insight on how much to adjust. I don't want to be all willy nilly about it if that makes any sense.

    I keep finding new FF tables that I need to adjust right now. I knew it felt different and I think I found out why. So I will continue.

    Thank you!

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    Sounds like a plan! Just keep watching what is limiting your torque, spark, and airflow limits. They will tell you what is stopping you from advancing. Some will be hardware limits and some will be tuning limits.

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    Once again I would like to thank you for your postings. I checked and I'm currently at e-45 without issue. I upped the tank pump voltage limits and duty cycle. Seems to be holding on pretty well. I'm going to tweak this for a about a week or so. I gotta tell you the capability of this engine is amazing to me! Thing just moves right out!

    I really just started tuning the truck to get rid of that annoying shutter at low speed from the trans. And now I just keep going. LOL!!

    Anyway. Thanks for your input. I really do appreciate having a "real world" example instead of just reading about it in books.