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Thread: What??? They don't want me to upgrade!!??

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    What??? They don't want me to upgrade!!??

    It's hard to believe, but whatever powers that purchasing software (upgrading from Deluxe to Advanced) seems to have a problem. The stupid thing starts the next page in IE (I use OPERA) it then just merrily keeps circling and circling in load mode.
    What gives???
    Any suggestions??



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    The website was recently migrated. This might be an outstanding issue. We'll look into it, thanks!
    We got this guy Not Sure, ...

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    Good morning,

    As Keith said the website was recently migrated, it sounds like while you use Opera, Windows seems to think you want to use Internet Explorer, and no longer compatible with Internet Explorer. This should be a straightforward fix.

    If you're on Windows 10: Click Start, type "Default apps" then select "Default apps" from the search results. From here you can change your default browser to Opera and try again.

    If you're on Windows 7, open the Control Panel, select Programs -> Default Programs, then choose Opera from the list and click "Set this program as default."

    Please let me know if you continue having issues and I'll be happy to help.