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Thread: Missing Overlay on second part of joined video

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    Missing Overlay on second part of joined video

    Hi Guys, be gentle its my first post Ok just started using Racerender 3, we have just got into Karting. Using a Go-pro to take race videos etc, all working great. My problem is that I have managed to join two video sections together, and have added a couple of overlays, however when the video plays through, when it gets to the second half the overlays disappear. I have tried adding them on the second video with no luck. And help would be really apricated. Thanks

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    RaceRender doesn't always extract data from multiple videos particularly well. You might need to add the second video just like you did the first one, and have it extract the data from the second as well. Once you have the second data, try selecting both the first data file and the second data file, right click > Join. Hopefully that should automatically line up the second data right after the first one and keep all of the overlays the same. The track map might only display one data file at a time and change once it flips to the second data file, but hopefully everything else should work without issue.