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Thread: 05 5.3 swap to jeep

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    05 5.3 swap to jeep

    Hello, I have a 98 jeep cherokee that I just finished a swap on. Donor is an 05 5.3l with trans. My problem is it runs really good until it goes into closed loop. It then runs fat ant the left bank AF is reading steady 950mghz and the right is steady 150mghz. I have looked at wiring and didn't see anything. replaced both AF sensors just to check if that was an issue. A few key factors. It has long tube headers. should I move then farther away than 6 inches from the collectors? they rear HO2s have been deleted as well as cats. added electric fans and tuned it for them. Engine is stock other than headers. Please help. Thank you in advance.

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    Either the O2s are cross-connected, or the injectors are. Either one will give this symptom.

    This is just a Gen 3 V8, you should post in the Gen 3 section. This is really for engines that don't have their own dedicated space. And when you do, post your tune & log files. If you'd taken the time to read the 'sticky' threads you would know that.
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