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Thread: 16 Titan XD 5.0L Down 2 ECU's

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    16 Titan XD 5.0L Down 2 ECU's

    Ok so...I've read and searched, stayed away from specific info and so forth. HOWEVER! now I'm up shits creek without a paddle. So a few weeks back I was going to make a few changes to my titan, nothing serious idle changes and such. Vehicle successfully read all info showed up properly, made changes, saved file, attempted write, and bam failed during delete. Now i follow the same steps I used to follow at the dealer. Hazards on for bcm not that its necessary but piece of mind for me. Battery charger doing its thing, radio off, hvac panel off, all of it. It still failed. Well i submitted a ticket got no response. Not even a hey you've missed some info here let me guide you to what i need. Which no biggie, im sure its tough dealing with us fuck ups everyday lol. So i ordered a used one after a bunch of research and asking some old coworkers some questions since nissan titan ecus are on GM like national backorders. Got it rewrote the vin, now it cranks. Had a locksmith come out to do the key since my current shop cant, he SAID it worked, then said it still wont get rid of the NATS light or start and the SAID he would program a blank key see if that works. Against my better judgment like a teenager that still believes in Santa I just went with it. Of course nothing, charged me 400 bucks and left. Now against my better judgment i hooked my HP dongle back in and gave her the ol college try. I turned skim off and skim protection A and truck started. I knew this was not the end of it though cause key light was still on. I tried multiple combinations of changes because with the Anti theft light on 3-5 minutes in the truck goes into limp mode. Cause everything causes limp mode on this truck. Well i went through the entire code list said fuck it turned off all anti theft dtcs in an attempt to just stop CAN communication with nats all together and bam did the same thing as the first ecu and failed during deleting. I say all this to say 1. what do i do to load stock software if i can cause i cant even write the original file back on to either ecus, and i dont have the equipment to bench this particular trucks ecu. 2. If its possible does anyone have a 2016 Pro4x diesel stock file PLEASE. Its fine if i have to buy another used ecu such is life, I'll just only use hp for my chevys so i dont fuck up a third one lol.
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