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Thread: HPtuners prolink signal ADD-ON a flex fuel sensor! - Build - 3.8L Jeep ARP, FI

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    HPtuners prolink signal ADD-ON a flex fuel sensor! - Build - 3.8L Jeep ARP, FI

    Background- The Jeep Jk 3.8l is based on the 3.3l chrysler minivans that are supposedly flex fuel capable, both tunes pulled from repository or pretty much spot on to one another. The 3.3l chrysler minivan didnt come equipped with a flex fuel sensor, is in fact (sensorless)... Both the 3.8l and 3.3l have spark tables for base gas and base alcohol with fuel stoich blend table of 2 reading, 0% and 80%, with stoich reading of 0.0688 and 0.0990, Fuel to Air Ratio?. This has me believe that the O2 sensor kick in based on how far off stoich is to switch spark tables and use PE doesn't in either case. Wouldnt this sensorless flex fuel system know this with no ethanol content readings?
    And most importantly, What about the possibility of creating a table via scanner to read off the ethonal content %, wired into the canbus signal of the prolink? I just thought this would be simpler than a massive purchase for an advanced fuel dynamics commander pro flex addon kit for an 08' 3.8l wrangler.
    Could i not table the flex sensor to read % ethonal using the canbus single input? I would still read the % ethonal, and or gs/e85 mix, to calculate and modify the correct values of timing in a respective base spark table. I assume that the four upstream/downstream narrowband o2 sensor read how far off from stoich the air/fuel is and chooses the correct timing tables.
    Edit- Minor correction the flex fuel sensor is analog output 0-5v with the normal range of operating frequency is between 50-150Hz.
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