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Thread: Feature Request - Magnetic Ride Calibration - Relearn ride height

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    Lightbulb Feature Request - Magnetic Ride Calibration - Relearn ride height

    According to other posts, this is not available in HP Tuners. I'm posting this as a feature request for future versions on HP Tuners. I think many of us who are tuning our engines and transmissions are also modifying our suspension systems. It would be great to have an option to relearn the "zero" height of Magnetic Ride Control without having to buy a MDI2 interface and use GM's software or visit the dealer. Please consider this as it would be quite a valuable feature to include in HP Tuners. Forum users, reply here to encourage the HP Tuners developers to add this feature. Thanks!

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    That function is likely to be controlled by the BCM or some other module that HPT doesn't touch. Them adding support for another module isn't likely.

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    The functionality is within the ride control module. HP Tuners doesn't touch that.

    If you want to mess around with the suspension cal and you have a C7 Corvette, the best best is the DSC controller. I believe DSC supports the Camaro as well.

    If you have a C6 Corvette, Jim Mero who was the Lead Corvette Ride & Handling Dynamics engineer can re-program it for you... ...I know a few folks that have had Jim work his magic and they rave about the results.