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Thread: GoPro Trimming, Preserving Telemetry?

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    GoPro Trimming, Preserving Telemetry?

    I'm new here. Because I saw something that suggested RaceRender could do this.

    I hope so. Because nothing else seems to be able to do what should be an easy and commonly desired fucntion.

    I take a series of short "highlight" GoPro videos during a long bike adventure ride. But could be anything. Scuba, fishing, hiking, sailing, rock climbing, whatever.

    I would like to trim those videos to capture the best moments. BUT I need those GoPro videos to retain the extra telemetry streams that GoPro (Hero 11 Black) injects into the video file.

    I ultimately load them into a program called Telemetry Overlay. That uses that telemetry stream to synchronize the video to the right location on a map.

    There just isn't anything out there (that I've found) that can trim a GoPro video and keep the telemetry data intact.

    Any ideas? Can RaceRender?


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    I wouldn't imagine that it would be able to do that. Telemetry data and video are separate files for everything that RaceRender does. Sounds like GoPro decided to become completely proprietary. What extension does the GoPro output? I've never heard of MP4 or anything like that being able to do what you're describing.

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    It sounds like Telemetry Overlay is doing pretty much the same thing that RaceRender is primarily designed to do. RaceRender can take various data files and overlays display objects that visualize that data on top of video. It does have the ability to extract data streams from GoPro videos, but the exported videos don't retain that data. You could possibly export it as a CSV data file, but I'm not sure if that would be useful in your situation.

    RaceRender is definitely geared towards motorsports, but the Enhanced Display Objects can be completely customized to show pretty much anything you want (if you have some relatively moderate coding skills and patience to learn it). There's some F1-style lap lists, a MotoGP template, and a Porsche GT3 display cluster that members on the forum have put together. It might be worth seeing if RaceRender might better serve your use case, but some of those presets in Telemetry Overlay do look pretty nice.