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Thread: Torque management reinstatement

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    Torque management reinstatement

    Hey all, so this might be a little unusual, but I would like to reinstate my TM on my 4.3 2000 Jimmy.

    Years ago I removed a portion of it, but damned if I remember what I did, lol.

    How do I put it back to stock? Also, should I invest in the Corvette servo?

    Thanks for any help guys and forgive me if I didn't provide enough info. Let me know if anything else is needed.

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    Find you saved copy of your original file or look for a stock one in the tune repository?

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    CTRL+L will give the history. Go to the bottom where it says "Base". Right click it and open as compare file. Scroll to your torque management and copy over selected differences of any TM mods that are there.
    If you don't have a "Base" then you will need to find a stock read of a like vehicle either in the repository of out in the wild. Same scenario except you will use CTRL+5. Copy over selected differences.

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    Nobody wants to hear your straight-piped V6 Camaro/Mustang/Challenger/350Z. You are not in a movie, you are not 'DK'. Everyone hates you.