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Thread: can someone help me out? 06 lbz

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    can someone help me out? 06 lbz

    shop truck tune 1.hpt
    here is what i have so far would like someone else opinion, tune feels alright, just know there is more to be had. if someone can please look this over and feel free to revise it.
    Ps i dont know but its completely clean at WOT. maybe add some More fuel? timing? haven't messed with Baros yet. im just setting into the LBZ stuff and it seems limited.

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    Im a noob on the diesel stuff, but have been playing with my new to me LLY. If you are monitoring EGT's turn your fuel up a little more on the Main PW in the lower part of the 110-120us. Maybe up to around 2000us and see how it is. Can also turn your desired boost up some. These are easy things to do and will get you some more power. These are the 2 things that i mostly messed with on my LLY and made a big difference.
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