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Thread: fuel trims

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    fuel trims

    new to the tuning world. I'm logging my car and trying to get my VE set up after getting the startup tune done. but I can't seem to get my long term or short-term fuel trims to log. I've attached my tune and my log. any help would be appreciated. I think it's because I had my STFT disabled in the tune so it wasn't able to log them. I haven't been able to log since enabling my STFT in the tune. any helpful tips or tricks or a good direction to head is greatly appreciated.
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    im not expert but from the file you have disabled your closed loop and this will effect the trims. i am assume that you are p59 pcm 1 bar no boost setup but may want to look at your ve tables and if this is a stock truck no adds then just load your stock file back in up the idle and turn vats off and make small changes and not what and were you change so you can see the difference and hopefully you have an untouched copy of the pcm and haven't saved over it

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    Havent looked at the tune and log yet, but if your STFT is turned off then you wont have anything for it to log. And since LTFT is calculated from STFT averages then you wont get LTFT in the data log either.