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Thread: 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9

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    1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9

    3" exhaust, stock manifolds, KN intake, Hughes manifold, 52mm tb. Can't seem to get the IAC dialed in for cold starts but otherwise its a tire shredder.
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    what are the iac counts looking like we need a log to help you issue you state that you have a 52mm throttle body ill bet that you havent adjusted the idle stop on the throttle body to get your iac counts in check i ran into that issues on my truck with a 52mm throttle body i spend several hours tinkering with it to get it to idle right and not buck and surge when im trying to idle around in 2nd gear up my driveway because my cam has such a ratty idle to it i needed a bunch more air the iac just wasnt enough went back to a stock throttle body and it was fine the counts for the iac were where they needed to be go back to the 52mm and have to mess with the idle stop but i finally got it right for my combo.
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