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Thread: 2009 ctsv strange fuel pump duty cycle

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    2009 ctsv strange fuel pump duty cycle

    I have a friend that bought a 2009v from Colorado. He was told the car was built *cam, exhaust, pulleys, fueling* I figured the car coming to mid Missouri the maf may need some tweaking but wouldn't be too bad to adjust for this location. We'll after driving for a bit the car will command 100% duty cycle on the pumps and the pressure drops off and the car goes leans and dies. Today started the car and let it idle in park and in gear randomly, made it 25min and out of nowhere it commands 100% dc on pumps and pressure drops. Wasn't giving any gas at the time so I don't think it's a load issue.

    Anyone seen or heard anything like this? Car has fresh dw340's in the tank and a billet top hat to fix the factory leak at the elbow, not sure on the injectors in the car.

    Edit- to add tune car came with
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    Im pretty sure someone is going to want to see your tune