Hello there

I used TrackAddict twice whilst driving the regularity test on the Nordschleife. The event aims to set a time in the 2nd lap and repeat it in 3rd, 4th and 5th. 6 and 7 are pit-in and out laps, then you?ll set another time in the 8th lap and need to repeat it in 9,10,11 and leave the track after the 12th lap.

Before driving the set lap I restart the session - so the set lap will be the first and best lap. For the repetition of the laptime I use the predict timer which works pretty well, but sometimes I think I might need an external 10Hz GPS receiver to be more accurate and adapt faster. My best repetition once was by 0,07 seconds, but there are a few problems and I wonder if there may is a workaround/help/solution.

If the second lap (first repetition) is e.g. 0.1 seconds slower than the set time, thats kinda fine, you can easily rely on the predictive time for the second repetition then. BUT if it is faster, this lap will be the new fastest lap on the display and therefor the predicted time will reference to the wrong lap. As you drive with a co pilot in that case we subtracted that difference for the next lap and therefor aimed for a "0.1 second slower lap" in that example. The deviation will increase with every lap more that you?re trying to repeat regulary. Also the movement of braking and accelerating in that overwritten new "Best lap" might won?t be as smooth as in the very first set lap, so you won?t be able to reproduce that shortly in front of the finish line a lap later - especially if it?s on 1Hz refresh rate and bad accurany.

Is there may a way the set a specific lap as reference lap for the prediction ?
And will a 10Hz GPS Bluetooth device like a Dragy or similar increase the predict refresh times and the accurany to "match" the finish line ?
In "narrow" setting it somtimes won?t notice the finish line location and therefor won?t start counting the lap - biggest Nightmare.
In wide setting it may won?t start at the very right spot by a few metres, which also will distort the actual lap time.

Best, Martin