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Thread: Engine Stand Start - 2015 L99/6L80

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    Engine Stand Start - 2015 L99/6L80

    Hi all,

    what are the basic settings that need to be changed in a 2015 Camaro L99/6l80 to fire the engine on an engine stand?

    I tried to find the list of the basic changes but am not positive I have everything. Can you point me to any guidance on this. The engine/trans is completely stock and we just want to make sure it fires before having it professionally tuned. I'm traveling and trying to assist a friend at the last minute and have run out of time to research online.. I have done some basic gen 3 stuff successfully so can navigate through the VCE ok. I'm still a beginner and learning. Thanks for the assist.

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    Probably have no exhaust so disable closed loop.