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Thread: tuning write up !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gold98Z28
    i feel ur pain. dont work in lovely Iraq either.
    it probly the net work filter but i have idea whats on my site that might be setting off the filters
    1997 Stalled V6 Camaro
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    Goal: 100 MPH (completed)

    Best Dyno: 456 RWHP and 509 RWTQ
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    Hey guys

    I have had some excellent results in the last couple of days with the new WB and would now like to get into the timing tables. Have been reading this link on tuning the High Octane timing table. I get the part where we add timing until KR and then back it off in the table for KR.
    Will this process "naturally" lead me to a nice smooth graph? Looking at my timing table in the graph view looks terrible(all over the place). Have seen the work Russ and Howie ended up with on their vetts and would like to know if I'm headed in the right direction?

    As always, thanks for lookin'

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    On my LS6 car I've read the VE provides transitional fueling correction to the MAF.

    On my 3800 People say the VE does nothing unless the MAF fails.

    Having said that;

    From experience, if I'm driving along on the freeway in my 3800 vehicle, and pull AT to 2nd gear then go WOT, there will be 0 KR.

    If I leave it in "D" when going WOT, there will be several degrees of KR.

    I've tried changing my PE Fuel Adder v.s. RPM v.s. Time table to privde additional "tip in" or "splash" fuel on the 0 sec row with the 1.6sec row and on returning to normal.

    I don't believe this is fasle KR as with 110 octane mixed in, there will be 0 KR.

    Anyone else see this behavior?

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    Well that and he is on a high compression hair dryer of a blower. I know I used to have one until I went turbo and couldnt even get the thing to knock on pump.

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    Does anyone have a write up on how to tune a stock ly7 or any similar gm V6s? I have had very minimal experience tuning and need a bit of help getting started again.

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