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Thread: My HPTuners Interface was Stolen/Lost how much is a replacement interface?

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    Question My HPTuners Interface was Stolen/Lost how much is a replacement interface?

    Lost or Stolen interfaces are not covered under any warranty through us nor are any credits or licenses you've purchased.

    Your best course of action would be to file a police report & report the loss to your car or homeowners insurance depending on the situation & whom should cover the loss. Also Please contact support at with the serial number so we can temporarily close the account & make it inaccessible to anyone trying to download any updates or purchase licenses/credits on the account.

    In many cases your homeowners insurance would cover a stolen item.

    The reasoning behind this is that your interface is what stores the actual licenses and therefore can be used to still tune vehicles even after it is reported to us. This is the reason we require interfaces be sent back to us for replacements.

    Once you have recovered the amount from your insurance company you would need to repurchase a new unit via at the standard cost of $499 or $649 depending on which interface you choose. Additional credits are also not covered & would need to be purchased if necessary.

    We urge any new customers to report their interface to their insurance co & keep the value of it updated so in the event of a loss they will be covered the full amount. If you have any further questions about this policy feel free to email support at

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