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Thread: How To: CMCV/IMRC Deletion & Tune Modification Information

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    yeah i used a roush file to see what the did under IMRC settings and then VCT mapped points. i see misfires on the counter in the log but not wheel errors or at least not much of any and you can hear the engine stumbling trying to hold certain rpms at a low load mainly 2nd gear around 2300-3100 rpm range

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    Was that the roush tune in the repository I’ve heard people refer to?

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    Yes I tried to base my tune off of it runs and drives ok but I have a hesitation and cutout around 2100 rpm to 2500. I guess the Intake and exhaust advancement will have to be modified

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    +1 to guide on how to do it on s550

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    Greetings RWTD, for mods, it has a C&L 80 mm Street intake, 3:55 factory gears, Charge Motion Control Valve (CMCV) deleted, American Racing 1 5/8" headers with catless H pipe, and a Magnaflow axle back to finish off the exhaust.. To get the most from the tune, I are going to be using 93 octane pump gas.
    Originally I used Diablosport predator, for 80mm CL and remove the catalytic. Then remove the CMCV and long headers. Then they commented on the problems, basically as a cold failure, an intermittent problem went cold, switch to HP Tuner and make the changes you mentioned, but continue with cold problems miss fire.autozone_Cold start and operation.hplRegreso AutozoneHot start and operation.hpl