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Thread: 100mm Maf kickin my Butt!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98S10 View Post
    For even a more bolder statement, There are no oem calibrators (that have publically been known anyway) ever on this forum that I am aware of that have first hand development on the ls1b gen3 or the E38 gen4 ecm. Sure their are a few that have oem type experience and may know how they are meant to function. But not first hand experience. So making the claim that I /we have been taught by an oem guy is goofy. Even the people that sell dvds or books does not know completely how a gen3 or 4 ecm works entirely. If he/ they did, this forum surely would not exist.
    Are you suggesting that just because someone doesn't just post the GM Confidential documentation to prove it, they must not understand how the ECU works? I intentionally keep my discussions limited to fundamental concepts, physics, and observations that can be made with commercially available software (like HPTuners) in order to preserve the confidentiality of my clients and employers. You will not goad me into violating this confidentiality. PERIOD. If you don't like the instruction I have put put there, feel free to put together your own technically correct material and market it yourself. My car seems to run just fine, so posts like yours begin to make me question why I come on this board in the first place...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98S10 View Post
    Ok, you are obviously a kid. LOL? And your kinda of foolish. I am not really sure what you dont get either. Also it aint your thread, be a bigshot somewhere else. I think he gets how the sensor works. No need to reply with a "WoW did not mean to supset you" or whatever your poor grammar meant. Help the people out if you want, if not get lost. For as much as you pro tooners with fancy paint on the walls and a polished up dyno jet have completely screwed many people over the years(not me) help out, without the smug comments or get out. Remember anyone with half a brain can do what you do everyday. It is a factory GM ecm, It is from GM, got it? It is a screwed up piece of crap, really it is. GM and the other two US car makers have been screwing over the american public for forty years with the complete crap they build lol. ]. You do realize their are more than 650 tables in a LS1 ecm, dont you? A pro GM tuner that advertises as such is a freakin fraud. It does not take 1500 plus tables to get a simple engine to runSorry for goin off topic on carls thread, but I certainly did not derail it like aboutwhat did. Like carl asked politely start your own thread about the basics of iat tuning abott.
    (edited, I am not going to stoop to name calling) You realize there are way more then 650 tables in the ECU, triple that and it may get you close on a LS1B and about half of what is on a E38 and later ECU. You guys are the ones taking the logical answer (math) and trying to make is into something it is not. There was no ego in my responses, just what was the correct way to do it. I didn't invent it, but there is a wrong way and a right way. Didn't realize it was such a unknown, I guess ignorance is bliss sometimes.
    A pro GM tuner that advertises as such is a freakin fraud.
    Not 100% but I do agree with you for the most part on that statement. There is only maybe two guys I would ever let touch my car besides myself or maybe three. Most of the guys out there have never even seen the actual algorithms that are in the ECU, would be hard to be even remotely considered an expert and not fully understand it. I can tell you that the more doors you open inside it the more complicated it gets and the more respect I have for the GM engineers that created it.
    It does not take 1500 plus tables to get a simple engine to run
    Opps mistook that one at first. Depends on the plateform and definition of run. The engine has allot of tables you can't see and for the most part that is fine. What we are modifying for the most part is fine. It is when the calibration becomes a sickness that you can't stop striving for more control that you really need the other tables for drivability reasons, not to make it run, but to make that big cam run like the car was a stock LS1 and behave like that all the time.
    Remember anyone with half a brain can do what you do everyday
    Considering you do not know what I do everyday I highly doubt that. If I got to calibrate cars every day I still highly doubt that. Out of curiosity since you know what I do, what do you do?
    It is a screwed up piece of crap, really it is
    Actually the GM is not, can't say much about the other two. The aftermarket has nothing on what the GM ECU is capable of.

    I see you are just looking for someone to post the answer so you raise a BS flag when someone tells you how to do it. It is really not as simple as what you would like it to be. But I will stick out my hand here, I am not going to give you the answer but I will give you the formula in order to solve for it, you will also need to know what the pull up resistance is on the thermister in the ECU.
    solving for voltage
    A/D= v/RefV*x
    So you can see its not BS, but since I only have half a brain I am sure you will be able to solve for this
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