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Thread: Greg Banish's DVD : Bosch Ford SVO Injectors ???

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    Greg Banish's DVD : Bosch Ford SVO Injectors ???

    I've just bought Bosh Injectors (36 lbs @ 59 PSI)

    The part number is 0280155759. (Red injectors)

    Are their parameters included in the greg's DVD ?

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    Bosch 0280155759

    Yep, they are on the CD that comes with the training DVD. He calls them 30# Red Skinny.
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    Just for future reference and those searching for the 0280155759 Bosch red skinny injector data also known as the Ford M-9593-BB302. I did some digging on the net and found this, maybe it will help someone in a pinch in the future.

    Bosch red 30lb 0280155759.jpg

    Bosch 30lb red skinny injectors.jpg

    Here is the Ford data:

    There is the Ford to GM converter:
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