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Thread: Idle issues

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    Idle issues


    Well I got the L67 ECM LC2 engine combo running and driving! After messing around a lot to get most of the sensors logging I started experimenting with trying to get the car to respond to changes. The first thing I tried to do is get it to idle down but it's not doing it. I've left the idle tables stock for a GTP but can't remember if I connected the P/N trigger wire (think I did though).

    I can't get it to idle below 1000rpm or even really do anything to the idle through the tune. Using the scanner I can take manual control over the IAC and force it to idle down by changing the counts but no effect when I release it back to the computer. I also can't seem to get the scanner to log IAC counts or the commanded RPM either despite adding the PID to the interface. Same story with oil pressure and system voltage but those are side questions.

    Any suggestions?
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    i am having this same issue ended up having to do with the tps i am running a l32 swap in my 2002 monte ss with a n* throttle body and lq4 maf. ended up replacing the tps sensor and did a relearn or what i thought was a re learn well long story short i got my idle to drop but my tps sensor will not show 100% at wot so i solved one problem but now got another...

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    OP: Didn't realize it was an LC2, comments in the other thread might not apply.

    Still curious about the LTFT's though.

    L67 from a Grand prix for example never had an oil pressure sender. Might be part of the issue.

    02sson20s: check the TPS voltage at idle and wot. should be 0.40V then up to 4.0V You can drill out the holes and adjust it till it covers that complete range.

    On that thought, this may be part of the OP's issue as well.

    Idle threshold is 0.40 V.
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