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Thread: 2002 Pontiac Bonneville SLE

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    Any luck finding a tuner or rod shop yet? FYI, no harm will be done by installing the switch-pin-wire right now while ur looking for someone to do the flash. The PCM will just ignore the switch state until the reprogram is done.
    Check before you consider tuning;
    Is the MIL on? ANY leaks-vacuum, fluid or exhaust? Clogged filters? Old O2 or dirty MAF sensors? Dirty injectors, PCV or IAC passage? Correct the condition. Change the plugs & oil while you're at it. They need it anyway. Particular system giving you fits? Visually examine the related wiring first.

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    Update: I now have second gear start.

    I couldn't find anyone with a tuner who would do it (afraid of ruining the car or being sued).

    I found someone who tried just changing the shift points in his own car, as proposed. The torque management often overrode it, putting the car in first gear when it was unsafe to do so (ice). So more is needed than just changing the shift table.

    I went back to the idea of breaking the circuit for the shift A coil. A test run threw out trouble codes.

    But then I found out something. The PCM does not notice that the transmission didn't obey it. It notices that the coil is electrically missing from the circuit.

    I used a double throw switch to substitute a dummy load for the coil. I used two 50 ohm 2 watt resistors in series, mounted on the back of the switch.

    I mounted the switch on a panel I made to fit into the useless cell phone holder.

    It works great. And I built it myself.

    I did not put in the relay to activate the coil for 4th gear, because 4th gear never engages below 45 mph. Who drives 45 mph on ice?

    So I now have my winter driving switch.

    This should work on GM cars 1994 and later with 3-speed or 4-speed automatic transmissions.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Wow, so very cool!

    Congratulations on you success!

    And thanks for the follow-up.
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    If you would like you can send me your file and I can set shift points for each shifter position with my DHP software. That way you can put the shifter in 3rd and have it start in 2nd gear and if needed it will still shift through all 4 gears like normal at speed. Downside is DHP wont always open a .hpt file and vice versa but its worth a shot the worst that could happen is it wont open the file.
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    2 start off in 2nd gear not moving and be able to go 100% throttle is doable with just tuning. Theres a few tables that need changing but can be done..... just hard on stuff I pushed the tab off a forward band doing this in my gtp but does work well