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    Can someone help explain the fuel cutoff? I am running an LD9 bottom end with an 086 head and cams. I am running an MP62 supercharger. This car is a 5 speed an pulls very well.

    Problem is the when in decel the idle hunts (surges up and down). When slowing idle screams from 2000 to 3000 rpm from 20 mph until about 2 mph. Also when upshifting the rpm climbs after I am off the throttle. I suspect my dfco settings are to blame.

    I would like to set the fuel cutoff to not operate when in decel or not in boost. Is there some reason for not leaving the dfco enabled below 20 mph, above 900 rpm, or when below 44 kpa? Seems when in dfco the idle sucks.

    Setting currently:

    mph 21 disable, 20 enable
    rpm 1600 disable, 1400 enable
    kpa 98 disable, 76 enable

    Thanks for any input.
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    Unless you're really worried about mpg... Just disable it altogether.
    Makes the car much smoother and more predictable for things like autoX.

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    Any link for the DFCO disable tables??

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    Change the enable temp to 285°.