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Thread: F150 cruise control speed limit where?

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    F150 cruise control speed limit where?


    I have a customer with an 07 HD F150 with a Whipple charger. He is annoyed that he can set cruise control only up to 120kph or 85mph, which on German Autobahn sucks a bit.

    I downloaded a F file but can't see a limit there, anybody know where that limit is set at?

    right now it has a SCT tune but might need retune as is doesn't run that nice at idle and part throttle

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    I don't think we currently have that parameter defined in any of our Ford applications yet. I will definitely get it added though. Let me know the OS ID you have, so I can go ahead and get it in that specific definition, but I will get it in everything else we support as time allows.

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    ok what about gmc youken 2015 even this i cant find it ?