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Sorry to revive an old thread. Am I understanding correctly? This would be 4bar above gauge pressure in the manifold correct? That would be the pressure differential across the injector? This is what the the "pressure" axis is referring to?
So trying to answer my own question:

The fuel rail pressure is a constant 4bar, this never changes. So the differential across the injector would be 4bar which is 58.02psi - gauge pressure in the manifold which would be MAP - Barometric.

The higher the differential the more fuel will flow and the lower the differential the less will flow.

The "Flow rate low/high mult vs pressure" table tells the ecu how much more or less fuel will flow at a given pressure differential.

So, I should be able to dial in the multipliers by creating a math parameter to calculate the pressure differential and logging it against my fuel trims using the same x-axis as the multiplier table.

Then I can adjust the multipliers (somewhat counter intuitively) up to lean and down to enrich.

Anyone see why this wouldn't work?