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Thread: 6T40 Line Pressure - Cruze

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    6T40 Line Pressure - Cruze

    I recenty started towing a small trailer with my 2012 Chevy Cruze. I have been dumping off yard waste at the compost site just a couple miles down the road. I am towing well under the vehicle's capacity, however I also want to protect the transmission clutches the best I can and maybe make the daily commute a little more enjoyable.

    It's been years since I've used HPTuners on my Grand Prix and I do not know the first place to start on the Cruze. Are the transmission tables able to be modified? What has been your results?

    Thank you.

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    Yes sir, they are definitely able to be modified. I recommend starting off in the realm of the Transmission Shift Speeds, Check this write up out for that:

    I basically put my Cruze in Manual mode and found where each gear maxed out, then translated that into the tables mentioned.

    Also, You are going to want to want to take a look at your Shift Times and Shift Pressure. I upped my Shift Pressures about 100kpa for all gear shifts, subtracted around .0900's of a second from each "Shift Time Torque Adder" in the Upshift Normal Section at 22.1 ft/lbs. and above (I only did this for 1-2 through 5-6 as I have disabled Cags and Neutral Shift), and then subtracted around 0.0200's of a second from my power downshift. Now my Trans shifts firmly but safely and doesn't slip or over rev at WOT. Always goes into gear and drives very Tight.
    Cruze Shift Intertia.PNGCruze Torque Adder-Power Downshift Times.PNGCruze Shift Pressure.PNG
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    hello friend. can you show your calib file? i only start learn it and want try do my chevy cruze