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Thread: Warning for Customers Uninstalling Competitor Devices

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    Exclamation Warning for Customers Uninstalling Competitor Devices

    It has been reported to us that upon uninstalling certain competitor's devices the ECM's vehicle identification number (VIN) is not being returned to stock properly. For example, one digit may be off. It is your responsibility to verify that the VIN is returned to stock before licensing with HP Tuners. You can verify the VIN by using HP Tuner's "Gather Info" option which reports the VIN in the read dialog.

    Gather Info.jpg

    If the VIN reported on "Gather Info" does not match the door jamb DO NOT LICENSE that file! You will have to use a dealer scan tool or the uninstalled device to re-program the VIN before licensing. HP Tuners will not refund credits for improperly licensed VINs.

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