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Thread: Data Logging

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    Data Logging

    Looking for some input on whether or not I am missing PIDs for data logging my diesel. This is my current setup for my 6.7L. Am I missing anything? Thanks

    Engine RPM
    Vehicle Speed
    Intake Air Temp Sensor
    Charge Air Temp
    Main Inj Timing
    Total Fuel Rate
    Engine Coolant Temp
    Manifold Absolute Pressure
    Driver Demand Engine Torque (SAE)
    Accelerator Position D (SAE)
    Torque Source
    Calculated Engine Load (SAE)
    Actual Engine Torque (SAE)
    Engine Reference Torque (SAE)
    Engine Torque 18 lb?ft
    Fuel Level Input (SAE)

    Control Module Voltage

    Barometric Pressure (SAE)
    Ambient Air Temp

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    Total Injection Quantity Cyl 1
    Fuel Rail Pressure Actual (Will also be useful when it becomes accurate in HPTuners)

    I'm pretty green at this stuff. Hopefully some more experienced users chime in.

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    I realize that this is an old thread but I'm looking for info on this as well.