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Thread: chevy ccruze 2013 hesitting before acceleration

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    chevy ccruze 2013 hesitting before acceleration

    hey all I need some opinion this is a file of a 2013 chevy cruze with the 1.4l in it.
    the car upon start up idle fine then as it warms up get a little sputter.when put in gear and start to take of it starts studdering and continues to do it constantly while me it feels worse upon takeoff from stops almost like a fuel and airflow not adjusting correctly almost like its intaking more air than the engine can supply fuel... it has a 02 dtc and maf dtc on they've sent it to the shop 2 times they say they fixed it and runs fine for about a month the starts it again...
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    Super late reply, but wondering if you solved the issue.
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    Yes, I know this is necromancy for posting to this thread, but I was just curious to see what the logs look like, as I had something I though was similar... then I saw the log. I'd say, just taking a guess, it's from rapacious, engine destroying knock. I could imagine the engine detonated to the point to where it collapsed in upon itself, creating a rip in time/space.


    There was a lot that should have been logged in the channels that weren't, but upon checking the tune, I cannot make heads or tails of where this was going. I would guess full throttle at 1500-2500 RPM in closed loop, commanding 14.13 with ~21 degrees of spark advance in 105 F weather (maybe in 2nd gear or something.) would likely have caused the "stutter", among other things.

    Admins: I actually just wanted to see if I read the logs right. Just trying to get my eyes more in tune with tuning. Again, sorry for the necromancy, but this would be a good example of things not to do at all. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can look at the tune and see maybe what was being attempted and what could have been done to make sure that the computer protects itself from trying to make power like that (disabling PE below a certain RPM, lowering peak torque at lower rpms, or in automatics, in certain gears vs. rpm, etc).

    I don't think it would hurt to have examples of things that can destroy your motor alongside things that make the engine purr. The more info the better, I figure. Lol. Also, if my assumptions above from the log are wrong, please correct me so that I can learn as well.
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    put it stock with 93 octane and see if it still does it. I had 12 degrees audible KR on a stock one after heat soaking in traffic then accelerating
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