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Thread: 2.2 LAP ECOTEC general info

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    2.2 LAP ECOTEC general info

    Hi, I have a 2010 chevy cobalt with the 2.2 lap ecotec, I am just looking for some general info on the motor, like stock injector size at the moment, i am wanting to do an e-85/ flex fuel tune, i did enable the flex fuel option in the pcm, when i run the vcm scanner i do get a ethonal precentage read back, but car has a hell of a time cold starting here in minnesota when the temps dip below 20, i just fill the tank half way when i am playing with e85, other wise i genrealy run on e15-e30 and the care loves it
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    Just click the injector flow rate table to figure out injector size. Though you do need to know what they run for factory fuel pressure, either 43.5 or 58psi.

    A random 2.2 file I looked at in the repository says like 27lb/hr at 408kpa (58psi).

    I feel a problem with what you are doing is that you are did not change the stoich table for the fuel you are running. So if it's still stock at 14.7 for 0-100% alcohol content you are going to run into starting problems. Also I do not know that platform very well but do they have a factory install flex fuel sensor to read alcohol content?
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