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Thread: 6.0/4l60 swapped Belair

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    6.0/4l60 swapped Belair

    Just finished a swap on my Belair. Truck 6.0 with 4l60. I threw on one of those cheap ebay sheet metal intakes with a 102mm(DBC) because i got it in a trade 3 years ago and figured screw it. Its not a car built to go fast and at least it looks better than a stock truck intake.

    im not tuner by any means but i know enough to be able to look at a log to see ST/LT off, notice when something just doesn't look right or off.

    This is still on stock tune file(im not tuner lol but have log ALOT for my tuner on various cars i have built/customer cars). Tuner is busy. So since its a stock motor besides intake, i figured it would be a perfect time to start playing with tuning lol. Especially since it is my personal vehicle lol.

    Car wants to go lean/ almost die on tip in. assuming this is from the bigger tb. What is the first thing i need to mess with to fix that issue? VE?

    I attached the tune file and a log. ANY Help is truly appreciated!!!! As i need to drive this thing to a show in Austin(3 1/2hrs away!!) by next week!!!!

    Thank you guys sooo much on this helpful forum!!!!
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    It's not going lean according to your log.. It's actually going so rich (between idle and 2K RPM) that it is flooding the engine. Look at your LTFT. It has a BUNCH of negative (-) #'s.. which means the computer is PULLING fuel-meaning you are RICH... So, yes, you need to start by tuning your VE table using a W/B O2 sensor to get the base fueling close. Right now your computer is pulling quite a bit of fuel to get it closer to stoich'. It is odd to me that your LT and your ST are so far off from each other. I do notice that your coolant temp is only in the 170's... Are you logging before the engine has reached full operating temp, or do you have a lower temp thermostat?????

    It looks like the higher RPM's are actually closer to stoich than the lower RPM ranges. My guess is that had you pushed the engine harder it would actually be leaner in the higher RPM ranges. You are RICH in the lower ranges, good in the 2400-3000+ ranges, and we could not see anything past that-BUT I'm guessing it will be too lean. You can use your Narrow Band O2 sensors to get you closer for now if you don't have a W/B.