MPVI2 Feature FAQ

List of MPVI2 features:
  • Universal credits
  • Online licensing system
  • USB connection
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Direct molded OBD2 connector
  • Optional OBD2 extension cables
  • Expandable 8GB microSD internal memory
  • Expansion Port connection
  • Standalone Flashing via Bluetooth (release TBA)
  • Standalone Datalogging (release TBA)
  • Pro Feature Set (release TBA)
  • HPT file Edit and Save without license

Q1. What are Universal Credits?
A1. MPVI2 Universal credits replace the existing GM, Ford and Dodge credits as used on the MPVI Standard or Pro. They can be used to license any vehicle and are $49.99 each.

Q2. Do I still need to wait for an email and enter an application key after I purchase credits for MPVI2?
A2. No. The MPVI2 uses an online licensing system. After you purchase credits you simply select the "Resync Licenses" option in VCM Editor and the purchased credits will be available for use. You must have an Internet connection to Resync Licenses.

Q3. I noticed there is Bluetooth on the MPVI2, is there still a USB connection?
A3. Yes. A USB connection is available on the MPVI2 and a USB-C cable is included in the box. Note: At initial release, the USB connection MUST be used to write to VCMs. The Standalone Flashing feature (release TBA) will enable Bluetooth Writing of VCMs.

Q4. What can I use the Bluetooth connection for?
A4. At initial release, the Bluetooth connection allows the following functionality:
  • Bluetooth connection to Windows device for use with VCM Suite (Scanning and VCM Reading only)
  • Bluetooth connection to Android device for with Track Addict (Scanning only)
  • VCM Suite Standalone Flashing (release TBA, requires Pro Feature Set)
  • VCM Suite Standalone Datalogging (release TBA, requires Pro Feature Set)

Q5. Is the scanning speed slower when using Bluetooth?
A5. Yes. Bluetooth is a slower and less reliable communication method than USB. Generally, this results in lower data rates, the ability log less PIDs in VCM Scanner and occasional dropouts (depending on signal conditions).

Q6. How do I connect the MPVI2 to my vehicle OBD2 port?
A6. The MPVI2 includes an OBD2 connector directly molded in the device itself, it requires no separate OBD2 cable to connect to your vehicle. We do provide optional extension cables of various types to allow the MPVI2 to be mounted remotely from the vehicle OBD2 port.

Q7. How much internal memory does the MPVI2 have?
A7. The MPVI2 ships with an internal 8 GB microSD card which can be used to store tune and log files (Standalone Flashing and Datalogging - release TBA).

Q8. What is the Expansion Port used for?
A8. The Expansion Port is used to connect to and power the Expander Hub, which provides analog and digital inputs to connect to external sensors such as Wideband O2 gauges. The Expander Hub can also communicate with the MPVI2 over Bluetooth if powered externally (Expander Hub - release TBA).

Q9. What is Standalone Flashing?
A9. Standalone Flashing is a feature where calibration files can be downloaded to the MPVI2's internal memory and the MPVI2 itself performs the VCM Flashing routines. This enables slower and more unreliable communications methods such as Bluetooth to be used to transfer files to the MPVI2 and then initiate writing to the vehicle without concern for dropouts or poor connections (Release TBA, requires Pro Feature Set) .

Q10. What is Standalone Datalogging?
A10. Standalone Datalogging operates in a similar way as the previous MPVI Pro feature. The MPVI2 is configured to scan certain parameters (PIDs) and then is activated without the requirement for a connected device such as a laptop. As the data is collected from the vehicle it is stored to the MPVI2 internal memory. The files can then be retrieved from the MPVI2 and viewed in VCM Scanner (Release TBA, requires Pro Feature Set).

Q11. What is Track Addict?
A11. Track Addict is a HP Tuners smart phone app that allows users to record, view and analyze OBD2 vehicle data, GPS, g-force and record video using their smart phone connected to the MPVI2 via Bluetooth (for example, at a track day). Track Addict can also stream live data to the HP Tuners Live Telemetry website where it can be viewed by others.

Q12. Can I upgrade my MPVI Standard or Pro to the MPVI2?
A12. Yes. Existing MPVI Standard or Pro customers may return their MPVI to be upgraded to MPVI2. All licenses and unused credits will be transferred to the MPVI2 online license system and MPVI Pro customers will receive the Pro Feature Set at no extra cost (value $249). Note: At initial release, existing MPVI Pro customers are advised to read the "MPVI2 Upgrade FAQ" for further advice on upgrading.

Q13. What extra features does the Pro Feature Set enable?
A13. The MPVI2 Pro Feature Set enables the following features:
  • MPVI2 Expansion device capability (Expansion Port or Bluetooth connected HPTnet)
  • Standalone Datalogging
  • Standalone Flashing

Q14. What is the HPT file Edit and Save without license feature?
A14. This feature allows VCM Editor (when used with an MPVI2) to Edit and Save tune (.hpt) files wihout requiring a license for the vehicle. The user will be prompted to license the file when an attempt to write to the vehicle is made. This feature is intended to help mail-order and remote tuners assist their customers without both them and the end customer requiring a license for the vehicle. Note: The save feature works only with MPVI2.