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Thread: MPVI2 Bluetooth

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    So, according to support, Bluetooth isn't functional yet.

    I should point out that I was only trying to use VCM Scanner.....

    "This portion of the Bluetooth is still under development please continue to use the USB cable provided."

    No ETA, nothing. At least I can still use the USB and tune the newly supported vehicles, so it doesn't bother me that much.
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    Here?s a tip that helped me... I was also having trouble with the initial pairing of my MPVI2 and a new Windows 10 laptop. I think my problem was that I had the unit connected to the laptop via USB cable to power the unit on and I think the laptop wouldn?t pair with the unit because it already had an active wired connection.

    I ended up powering the MPVI2 using a different USB source (not on my laptop) and when I did this I was able to pair the MPVI2 unit to the laptop almost instantly using the instructions in this thread. Been syncing and working great with the vcm scanner ever since. Hope this helps.