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Thread: 2014 Jeep JK Sport Flex Fuel Help

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    Question 2014 Jeep JK Sport Flex Fuel Help

    I need to know how to change my ecu settings to use Flex fuel, do i need a sensor for flex fuel?


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    I'm really new here so take what I say with a grain of salt but I have a Jeep Commander that is Flex Fuel and a car I want to make flex fuel.

    First, I think your need for a sensor will depend on whether or not you want a true flex fuel vehicle (ability to switch from 87 octane to E85 and any ethabol blend in between) or if you just want to run an ethanol blend. For me, I just want to run e30 in my car.

    I already use e30 but I want to make sure my car is running as efficiently as possible. I believe I could make changes that would allow my vehicle to run better on that fuel but it will not adapt to run as efficiently as possible if I put 87 in.

    I'm curious if you have learned more about this as I am interested in doing this as well. Good luck with your project.

    On a unrelated side note, have you tinkered with the WOT delay under the enrichme tab at all? My Jeep had an rpm minimum set beyond the Jeeps capability and a 4 second delay. Removed both and it's way more responsive.