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Thread: ZF 9 Speed Transmission Programming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler-98-W68 View Post
    , but is it possible since you have a police package vehicle that in itself is the issue since it's rather unique?
    All they have to do is tell me that my tcm will never work thee way it used to....done. Not we'll get to it but probably never.
    Sorry to hijack your thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trbobuick View Post
    New beta , now trans DTCs are clickable, and I disabled the offending DTCs , and reinstalled the throttle body.
    The car still goes into limp home , but doesn't code .
    I scan for codes , and none are stored. Is all HP doing is putting digital electrical tape over the SES light ? Is that all disable means ?
    I inquire and I get this message :

    Try taking a look at parameter listed below. Make sure it is maxed out or else the car will go into limp mode.

    5722 - TCM limp RPM
    I respond :
    The P2173 , U1424, and P0507 codes are ONLY set when I install a BBK throttle body. No other changes besides that part .

    Reply back :

    Please make sure you are up to date on our software (4.3). As for the throttle relearn, you should be able to see it under the special functions tab in VCM Scanner. As for the limp mode issue, make sure you are disabling the correct DTC's. We will look more into your issue Monday.

    Thank you
    So I decide to flex a little :

    The software is the latest beta from March 14th .
    The throttle relearn already has an open ticket from my friend , I can make another if you want .
    I have disabled the correct DTCs . That still doesn't explain the MIL not coming on . If the scanner says there are no current DTCs ,while in limp home and after , isn't it obvious I clicked the right ones ?

    Just so we are on the same page , here is a little bit about me :

    *Michigan certified auto mechanic since 1996
    *ASE certified mechanic since 1997
    *Federaly licenced A&P aircraft technician since 2011
    *Associates degree in applied sciences
    *Automotive test technician for a tier one supplier for the last 5 years .
    *Owner of a low ten second Grand National that uses DFI gen 7 for engine management.
    I've been in the automotive/racing/aircraft/test field professionally since 1995

    I'm willing to get my hands dirty so I can help you help me .

    That was Friday and I have heard nothing back.

    Ive offered to drive down and have them debug the car , nothing .

    At this point I would rather hear " we are not sure , we are working on it " instead of all the smoke that has been blown up my ass .
    You need to stop tooting your own horn, everyone from your Facebook page and Chrysler 200 Forum has already heard all of this, you sound very stuck on your self.

    Humble yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trbobuick View Post
    We appreciate the hard work you guys have done , there is no doubt about that . But let's face it , you are a business that is trying to make money , and I have given you that money in exchange for a working solution . Easy as that .

    I may not have made myself clear : there are NO DTCs . None . Zero. But the car goes into limp home. I have disabled the DTCs in the diag part of both the engine and transmission .
    So if your software prevents the SES light from coming on and the PCM STILL goes into limp home , what could it be and why has tech support gone silent with messaging back ?
    A little clarity goes a long way . Promises and silence feel like smoke. Nobody would fault you if you said you didn't know yet. I could post the extensive contact timeline about this issue , (months now ) but I'm not sure what good it would do.

    But I still want a real solution to the problem.
    Actually, he did respond with a fix. he told you that you needed to tune the torque issue out. turning the codes off doesnt fix anything. If you truly are as great as you claim to be, you would understand that. you still have to tune the vehicle for the parts you installed. I really dont know how they can be any more clear
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