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Thread: Unlimited credits?

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    Unlimited credits?

    The other day I was tuning a friends car, so I went to the website, bought 2 credits, and when i went to license it it gave me the option of licensing his pcm or unlimited credits for "ls based v8 trucks". I do alot of swaps from trucks. So I didn't hesitate, unlimited credits it is! So... after you license so many of these it gives you unlimited?......
    So I tuned his and went on. Last night I went to license a 04 avalanche and had to buy credits, it listed the pcm as "ls based v8 truck" so I'm confused. Did I get unlimited credits for GM trucks or not? How does that work?

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    If you bought like 6 or 8 credits total for a specific year it would allow you to unlock that year and from then forward be unlimited on that year only.

    Any other year would still cost credits. No idea if they still offered the bulk buy but it used be like 30 credits to unlock all the the gen 3 ls based trucks.
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    open a support ticket and attach a vcm suite infolog while connected to your interface along with the .hpt file to the ticket and we can take a look.
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    I am curious how you made out with using credits u purchased and if u bought 6 or 8 singles for same yr group if they can be used to go to the unlimited group,,