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Thread: Converting sct file to hp tuners file

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    Converting sct file to hp tuners file

    Good day Guys,
    We have an SCT custom tune file for a Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6 V6 pentastar, with a supercharger kit. The tune was designed using sct format, but we tried 3 sct devices to upload the tunes with no success. The devices don't want to communicate with the ECM. Now we have successfully read the stock ECM file using hp tuners, my question is can one convert the actual sct file format over to hp tuners in order for us to upload the custom tune file without needing to do a full new custom tune file on hp tuners???

    Appreciate if someone could help. Thanks

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    Don't believe there is a way to do this, sorry.
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    what year is it. No you can't convert those files. Must write tune

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    SCT custom tunes can't be converted to an actual tune file. They are .CEF files that the X3/X4 device can use to tune the vehicle, however those files are encrypted and can't be converted back even with SCT software, you need the original .MTF file used to export the .CEF

    Which SCT device are you using? The files are locked to the serial number of the handheld, you can't use a different one to load them.
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