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Thread: 2016 Nissan Frontier

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    2016 Nissan Frontier

    I have a checksum error. I have emailed support and got the vague "we will let you know when we add it to support...".

    Here is my problem. It's listed as "supported" on the website. I have had this vehicle sitting in my parking lot for a few days waiting for a response from someone on this "update". So I need to know when this "update" is coming down the "pipeline" because I have a customer waiting. No one responded to my email request on an ETA?

    Anyone at HP Tuners?

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    Likely that its a different OS they don't have defined yet and are working on. This happens sometimes. Nothing else to do but check back with them through support email asking if any progress has been made.
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    post it in the support and vcm editor section to goober.

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