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Thread: Change OS on 12 Sierra, now says unlicensed vehicle

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    Change OS on 12 Sierra, now says unlicensed vehicle

    I reflashed a 12 sierra ive already been tuning to a different OS from another truck so i could enable flex fuel sensor. I have unlimited 99-15 gm trucks/cars. (over 1000 credits between all my interfaces)

    Now it wont allow me to flash it again after the initial time. It doesnt ask to license it. Ive deleted all the interface keys so just has the one im using. I deleted the license.dat file, updated to newest beta hptuners editor. Closed everything out and reopened. I couldnt even license it again if i wanted. I emailed with file and info log. But wondering if anyone has any ideas here.

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    Did you flash it with a compatible OS? I have seen some E38s be sensitive to OS swaps.
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    sounds like you flashed in an incompatible vin/os pair creating a completely new vin/os pair which do NOT fall under any unlimited license. You will need to read the vehicle as it sits & license that new vin/os pair you created. There is no way around this.
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