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Thread: ETC go WOT at ligh accelertaion

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    ETC go WOT at light acceleration

    hi guys
    i have problem with my car tune
    im not tuner or professional
    but im trying to learning and tuning my car
    so my car is 2010 mercury grand marquis which is the same as crown Victoria
    the most popular police car

    i installed AFE cold air intake And i calibrated my maf with maf\LTFT+STFT histogram
    so my car runs fine but i notice something get me confused
    at cruising or stopped at light when i try to light or mid acceleration
    the car for second's feel heavy and i hear the intake too loud
    after that the car back to normal
    i used scanner to dataloging my car
    so you can see accelerator pedal with tps
    at some areas shows the ETC acting not right and spark drop to much in negative side
    i don t know why
    is it related to torque management tables
    so can you guys help me
    to find what is the wrong with my car
    thanks a lot and I apologies
    my English not that much

    the problem at 10:00 u can see it in the file
    *knock sensor not right my exhaust manifold leaks
    not correct because when it knocking i can hear it
    the knock sensor shows knock at stock file with sock tune and premium fuel.
    so don t worry about it at all
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    A leaking exhaust manifold is not good either. Lean conditions are bad.

    Try changing these settings as your enable and disable are set the same.