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Thread: 2.4 Ecotec STFT - LTFT settings

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    2.4 Ecotec STFT - LTFT settings

    Hello, I am new to HP Tuners, hopefully everyone will bare with me, as I learn.
    I have a 2.4 LE5 installed in my sandrail, with a stand-alone harness and ECM & it is running rich. I have replaced the O2 sensor, cam sensors, MAP sensor, fuel regulator/filter & spark plugs. I have done a spray water test to check for vacuum leaks & did not detect any. I have done a data stream with my scanner & the STFT is @ 32%, and does not fluctuate. The LTFT is @ 19.5%, both of which are out of specs.
    My question is: Is it possible that these percentages were programmed into my ECM ?
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    percentages are not programmable so no. you can disable trims and then sometimes they get locked in their last known location but if yours are set to be active in the ecu then you have either some sort of issue that needs to be remedied or it needs some major adjustment.
    it would be better to post your issue in the gm L4 engine section than here in miscellaneous.
    dont forget to post your tune file and log recording files in your post. that can be done in the "go advanced" option of a post.
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