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Thread: A580 Transmission tuning

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    Lightbulb A580 Transmission tuning

    Hello Everyone, I'm making this post because I wanted to gather information for me and others on basic tuning for the A580 transmission. I'm sure there are posts explaining some information but I'm having trouble finding it. I'm looking to improve the shifting of the transmission and prolong the life when adding more torque. the main areas I'm looking at to play with are the 'Shift pressures' tab, and 'torque converter' tab. I understand a bit of tuning with the shift scheduling to adjust shift points, but as for making it shift better and faster I'm at a loss. I'm also confused on how the torque converter slip affects the power/torque to the transmission (I know how the torque converter works) just not the clutch slippage and how it affects everything at WOT or cruising.

    Thank you everyone that can add information to better my and others knowledge of the A580 trans and other transmission tuning!

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